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‘We are The Shakers and this is Merseybeat!’


Experience the 'Benzedrine' beat up close and personal with the Cavern Club’s top beat combo, The Shakers!

Described as the most authentic beat group out of Liverpool since the 60s, The Shakers ‘Maximum Merseybeat’ sound recreates those halcyon Cavern days of 1962-64.

'Few groups have successfully recreated the sound, feel and look of that wonderful early 60s Merseybeat period and these guys are as good as it gets. It’s little wonder that ‘Shakin’ Sunday’, their weekly residency at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool, is packed every week!' - Vee Tone Records.

They have performed all over the UK and Europe at various festivals and headline gigs plus dates in the Middle East and the USA too! They have also backed many 60s stars from the Merseybeat and rock ‘n’ roll era, keeping the sound of the original records alive.

Aside from their weekly Cavern Club residency, they also have a successful touring theatre show on the road, ‘This is Merseybeat’ and a rockin’ 7” vinyl single, ‘Hi-Fi Baby’, out now on the fabulous Vee Tone Records!

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